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At Rise Orthodontics, Dr. Phillip Ha and our team of orthodontic specialists are committed to providing the highest quality of care in Modesto and surrounding areas, like Waterford and Oakdale. We specialize in a variety of orthodontic treatments designed to create beautiful, healthy smiles in a warm and caring environment.

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Meet Dr. Phillip Ha


Dr. Phillip Ha is a board-certified orthodontist with years of experience transforming smiles. He knows how life-changing orthodontic treatment can be and strives to give others around Modesto that same experience.

Dr. Ha earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Loma Linda University after four years of training. He then completed an additional two and half years of orthodontic education, earning his Certificate in Orthodontics and Master of Science degree in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics. He then took the extra step to become a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.

Dr. Ha feels deep fulfillment and satisfaction from the relationship he builds with you, the ability to change your life for the better, and the chance to build your confidence through a beautiful, healthy smile.

Why Choose an Orthodontist in Waterford?

Orthodontists are dental specialists who have completed additional training in how to correct misalignments of the teeth and jaws. This extra education focuses solely on orthodontic issues and treatments, such as braces or Invisalign. While dentists handle a wide array of general dental needs, orthodontists dedicate their practice to diagnosing, preventing, and correcting malocclusions and jaw irregularities. By choosing an orthodontist for your teeth straightening needs, you ensure that you are receiving care from someone who is expertly trained to manage complex orthodontic cases and provide treatments that are both efficient and effective.

orthodontist waterford

The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment at Rise Orthodontics offers profound benefits across several aspects of life:

Physical Health

Straight teeth are easier to clean and less prone to cavities and gum disease. Correctly aligned teeth also prevent issues like improper wear, which can lead to TMJ pain and other complications.

Mental and Emotional Well-being

Orthodontic treatment can dramatically enhance your self-esteem and confidence. A straight, attractive smile is often seen as a sign of health and vitality, and improving your smile can significantly impact your overall happiness and quality of life.

Social and Professional Advantages

A great smile can transform your social interactions and open doors professionally. Orthodontic treatment can give you the edge in social and professional settings, making you feel more confident in your interactions.

Lifelong Benefits

Investing in orthodontic treatment not only improves aesthetics but also promotes better oral health long-term. By aligning the teeth and correcting the bite, orthodontics can help you maintain a healthier mouth throughout your life.

orthodontist waterford

Get Started Today

If you are looking for a skilled orthodontist in Waterford, Rise Orthodontics is here to meet all your needs. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We are eager to help you understand your orthodontic options and start on the path to a beautiful, healthy smile.