Manage Your Treatment

From the Comfort of Home

With Grin Remote Monitoring®,  getting the grin you deserve has never been easier or more comfortable. With the tap of a screen, this app connects you with Dr. Ha for virtual check-ups wherever you are, whenever you need.

App-solutely Remote

Grin Remote Monitoring is an orthodontic treatment app that brings the latest in virtual treatment to your very own smartphone, so you can visit Dr. Ha without visiting his office in Modesto. When you upload pictures of your teeth to the app’s portal, the Grin app sends them directly to Dr. Ha for review.

Your team will make sure your teeth are on the right track, let you know if you need to change anything, and send you on your way.

Never Miss an Appointment

Scheduling and keeping up with orthodontic appointments can be a hassle, especially if you’re traveling or can’t miss work or school. With Grin Remote Monitoring from Rise Orthodontics, you don’t have to rearrange your calendar to fit in an appointment if something comes up. We’ll treat you on the go, so you can live life according to your schedule.

Track Your Progress

Forget the days of calling the office to get copies of your scans or progress results. With Dr. Ha’s Grin Remote Monitoring, you’ll always have access to the records you need. You can review your real-time progress week after week just by turning on your cell phone. It’s that easy.


Here's How it Works

Who wouldn’t want to take their appointments at home? Check in on your smile anytime, anywhere with this simple process.

Step One: Get the App

When you visit our office for your free consultation, be sure to ask Dr. Ha about Grin Remote Monitoring. If it’s right for your treatment plan, the Rise Orthodontics team will give you all the information you need to download the app and create your profile.

Step Two: Snap a Pic

Once you receive your very own Grin Scope® at your initial appointment, you’re ready to get started with your first virtual appointment. Sign in, follow the on-screen instructions to scan your teeth in under 60 seconds, and send it to Dr. Ha through the app. Dr. Ha will let you know how often you’ll need to scan your teeth, so sit back and relax until your next appointment!

Step Three: Wait for the Results

After you submit your scan, you can watch TV, take a nap, eat a snack, or whatever you like – after all, you’re in the comfort of your own home! In the meantime, Dr. Ha will review your scans, make sure your teeth are on the right track, and send you a message through the app with your straight smile update. How easy is that?

Grin Scope new packaging

Want to Grin at Home?

We’ve got you covered! If you’re interested in Grin Remote Monitoring, ask Dr. Ha if virtual treatment is right for you.